Easter Tips

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  • As Easter approaches here are some things to watch out for to keep your pets safe.
  • Easter lilly's are toxic plants and can be fatal if ingested by your furry friends.
  • Keep candy out of reach of your pets. Chocolate is toxic to cats, dogs, and ferrets. Call us if one of your pets ingests chocolate candy we will let you know what to do based on how much the pets has eaten. Also, xylitol an artificial sweetener used in many treats can be toxic.
  • Live pets such as baby chicks and rabbits are not Easter gifts. Even though they are cute please consider several facts. 1.) Some people think because they are soft and cuddly that they are ideal, low-maintenance, “starter pets.” As a result, thousands of bunnies and chicks are abandoned when the novelty wears off and owners are faced with the daily reality of rabbit care and maintenance. 2.)These pets often need specialized care. 3.) Unfortunately, uninformed owners often do not know the needs and often these bunnies die before their first birthday. 4.) The average lifespan of a well-cared-for indoor rabbit is seven to ten years.  Please make sure you know the facts before you decide to buy a live pet for Easter!